The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the air is fresh – Spring is here! If you’re anything like us here at Kindred Vines, you can’t wait to put away your winter coat and break out some springtime gear – and that includes food and wines for Spring! No more of the stick-to-your-ribs stews and bold reds that got you through the winter; it’s time for crisp whites and fresh, light meals. Below are our essential wines for springtime, and the meals & occasions they pair best with. 


When You’re Feeling European (AKA drinking with lunch)

lunch wines for springDrink This: Montauto Enos I >

Intense aromas of lime peel, aromatic marjoram, and a delicate floral bouquet. A dry, fresh wine with a delicate body. It maintains its elegant structure with vibrant citrus and savory notes in the long finish.

Eat This: Salade Niçoise >

This old vine Sauvignon Blanc from Tuscany, Italy (unexpected, right?) is dry and fresh with amazing savory flavors. It’s the perfect counterpart to a salade niçoise, which makes for the perfect lunch on a sunny spring day.



When You’re Invited to Friend’s House

friends wines for springDrink This: Quinta de Covela Avesso Edição Nacional >

The color is bright and citric, and the nose features white flowers and stone fruit aromas. There is a good balance between the fruit and acidity with a crisp, elegant finish.

Eat This: Beet & Ricotta Hummus >

We’ve all been there.  You get invited over to a friend’s house, and asked to bring an appetizer or snack. Instead of bringing the same old same old, try this twist on a classic: Beet & Ricotta Hummus.  The vibrant acidity in the Covela Avesso will balance with the earthy flavor of the beets beautifully.

When You’re Having a Date Night-In

date night wines for springDrink This: Fattori Soave Danieli >

Floral hints of jasmine and wisteria. Sensations of peach, pear, and citrus fruit. Intriguing notes of graphite, nettle, and sage. Elegant and round with a balanced taste and freshness.

Eat This: Pizza with Garlic Cream and Nettles >

Pizza, Wine, and Netflix? Could you have a better night in? The herb flavors in the Soave Danieli will parallel those in the pizza, and the brighter fruit notes with complement the garlic cream sauce.



When You Need a Quick Weeknight Dinner

weeknight wines for springDrink This: Fleur Violette Chardonnay >

A well-crafted, rich white from the south of France, with loads of ripe apple, pear, and cream flavors. The light oak aging lends a smooth, buttery finish with refreshing acidity.

Eat This: One-Skillet Steak & Spring Veg with Mustard >

This recipe is beautiful, and so surprisingly easy. It’s all cooked in one skillet, so there’s minimal cleanup, and it only takes a half an hour to make. And when you’ve had a busy day at work, and just want a quick and easy meal, why stray from the tried and true? Chardonnay is the perfect wine for a Wednesday night. The Fleur Violette has enough body to stand up to the red meat, and the creamy finish with balance the spicy mustard sauce.



When It’s a Rainy Spring Day

rainy wines for springDrink This: Château Bouscassé Blanc Les Jardins >

Wild flowers, mineral, fruity, rich, smooth. A fresh and aromatic wine. Les Jardins offers a range of exotic fruits and wild flower aromas, and other fragrances from Pacherenc du Vic Bilh.

Eat This: Creamy Spring Onion Soup >

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean every day is sunshine. When you see that rainy spring day in the forecast, don’t panic – embrace it! Put on your galoshes, and make some comfort food, like this delicious onion soup. The savory notes in the Les Jardins will blend well with the onion flavors, and the acidity will cut through the cream for a perfect pairing.

When You Need to Impress

impress wines for springDrink This: Ensédune Marsanne >

Mineral, rich, fine aromas, peach and citrus fruits, floral notes of acacia, honeysuckle, jasmine, and hawthorn. Concentrated aromas on the palate. To be tasted with white meat, cheeses, white fish, and shellfish.

Eat This: Roasted Halibut with Hazelnut Brown Butter >

Maybe your in-laws are coming over, or you’re cooking for date night. Either way, you need to impress! This roasted halibut is gorgeous, and the presentation is definitely impressive. And pulling out a bottle of something that they might not have heard of, like Marsanne, will go a long way to show your sophistication and class. The rich, round qualities of the Ensedune Marsanne will mirror those of a white fish like Halibut.

When You Have a Sweet Tooth

rhubarb wines for springDrink This: Poulet et Fils Clairette de Die >

Flowers and spring sunshine in your glass! The palate is notable for its fine mousse and flavors of creamy apple and stewed pears with dabs of lemon. Lovely, authentic, and elegant, this is very good aperitif.

Eat This: Roasted Spiced Rhubarb with Dates and Yogurt >

The Clairette de Die is not too sweet, not too dry, the perfect thing to satisfy a little sweet tooth.  It’s sweet enough to pair with a dessert, like this roasted rhubarb, without being jarring, but it’s in the middle of the spectrum so it won’t be layering super sweet on top of super sweet.



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