Domaine Zinck, one of our producers from the Alsace region in France, releases a new video of their vineyard and production. Check it out!

Just a few kilometers southwest of Colmar, the Domaine Zinck is located in Eguisheim, one of the loveliest villages in Alsace. Sheltered by the Vosges mountains, the climate is semi-continental, quite sunny, temperate and dry.

The vineyards cover over 20 hectares and produce wines with labels guaranteeing the origin of the wine, AOC. These include AOC Alsace, AOC Grand Cru, AOC Crémant of Alsace, and special mentions for the vendanges tardives and grains nobles.

The rich earth — silt, chalky with clay-silt and volcanic ash – allows cultivation of all the Alsatian varietals, including Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewurztraminer, on 60% of the Domaine Zinck’s growing; the Alsatian Crémant and the Grands Crus represent respectively 10% and 20% of the total surface area.


“Cultivating the vines and creating quality wines are two different passions, but they are closely entwined, as a great wine is a product of its soil.

Before anything else, I want to produce authentic wines that fully express the terroir that nourishes them. The growing method I have chosen, one that respects the earth and nature, along with the attention we give to the fruit by harvesting by hand, contribute to my goals.

The body of the wines and the aromas revealed in each glass are already there at the harvest; the winemaking only improves them. We do everything we can to interfere as little as possible and to avoid tiring or damaging the wine by useless handling.

This way, the wines we get are pure and fruity, and develop good minerality. They can be enjoyed with all the world’s cuisines.” – Phillipe Zinck, owner Domaine Zinck


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