Mari is an anytime, anywhere, all-natural wine cocktail that’s perfect for any occasion. Refreshing and delicious, the unique taste of the Mari cocktail comes from the best quality ingredients – Riesling from Germany, yerba maté from South America, and an infusion of aromatic elderflower or spicy ginger extract. Drink Mari – anytime, anywhere, any occasion.

 v the name Mari comes from a combination its main ingredients: maté and riesling


Mari is an all-natural, artisanal wine cocktail made with German Riesling, South American yerba maté, and an infusion of aromatic elderflower or spicy ginger extract. Naturally invigorating, high quality, and just downright delicious, Mari comes in a 275 mL recyclable glass bottle, perfect for any occasion.

Mari is named for its two main ingredients – maté and riesling. The Lama is the perfect mascot for Mari – its individual, fun-loving spirit informs our wine cocktail, and it comes from South America, just like the maté!

Wine and craft beverages are one of the most individualized forms of expression that exists. It’s how we share our passion. It’s how we cultivate an adventurous spirit. Mari inspires wine lovers and newcomers to the wine world alike to elevate their expression through high quality wine cocktails that are truly the best available. So, drink Mari – anytime, anywhere, any occasion.

 v yerba maté is an all natural tea leaf with the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate


Mari is available in two versions, Elderflower and Ginger. Mari is always all natural, Drink Mari Yerba Mate made from the highest quality ingredients available. It is a beautiful, high quality fusion of German Riesling, toasted yerba maté tea leaves, and elderflower or ginger extract. Wonderfully balanced, not too sweet, and lightly carbonated with crisp, clean finish, the Mari cocktail is the perfect drink for any occasion.


Mari is available in stores and restaurants all across Michigan. Drink Mari. Check out our map to find out where you can drink Mari.

Kindred Vines Import Co is currently partnered with distributors in Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, & South Carolina to bring Mari across the nation to you. Mari is coming soon to other states and locations. Interested in serving Mari? Contact Us.