I woke up this morning full of vitality and as I bounded down the steps to the kitchen I reflected on how grateful I am for the wonderful opportunities that are ever present in my life.  This past year has been truly spectacular, complete with loads of challenges, hard work, wins and learnings, and lots of fun.

I am truly grateful for all of the incredible people that I have had the pleasure of meeting this past year, and grateful to those who surround me on a daily basis and who make this journey such a rewarding one.  I appreciate the people who challenge me, who test me, and who help me be the best person that I can be.

This past year I completed my Wisdom Quest, a life changing experience that reminded me to focus my passions whole heartedly and courageously, and to remain purposeful and inspired.  When I do, my intuition never fails me, and I am grateful for the focus and commitment that I have to following my intuition and my purpose.

I am constantly inspired by others who work hard and are dedicated to being their best, to trying new things and risking failure, to living life, and enjoying the journey.  I am thankful to everyone who makes the time to help someone else.

I wish everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

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