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Welcome to Kindred Vines Import Company’s January Newsletter! 

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The last month was busy for all of us here at Kindred Vines.

It was filled with winemaker visits, events, and, of course, great wine!

january robinRobin Jackson presenting Domaine & Chateau Pegau, Domaine Tinel, & Domaine Eddie Feraud wines.

january giulioGiulio Parentini from Morisfarms spent the day in Ann Arbor with Woodberry Wine’s Kristen Pennington!


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Welcome Emily! 

Emily Coffman joined the KVIC team this month as the Marketing and Sales Support manager. We are so excited to have her as part of the team and look forward to everything she will accomplish! Be sure to check out her employee bio.



Featured Producer

“The finest prosecco of the year.” – Matthew Jukes 

january sentio

We’re excited to introduce the new 200mL format of the Sentio Extra Dry!  The unique 200mL format is slightly larger than your standard “split” 187mL, and has the same great packaging as the 750mL bottlings.

The outstanding label is a piece of art designed by Elena Borghi and it represents the lush Grapes Goddess, a gushing Nature that bears excellent fruit, offering in gift a genuine product with the simplicity and elegance of the prosecco wine. One of the details is a rose, a flower that has always been and is still being planted at the beginning of every row of vines, as it is believed that it could warn of a possible onset of grape diseases.

Learn more about these wines here: 

Prosecco DOC Brut 
Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 
Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 200 mL

Featured Producer


january bocking

The extremely steep, slate-laced hillsides in the central region of the Mosel River offer optimal conditions for producing great Riesling wines. Since 1624 the Böcking Family has been devoted to producing wines of the highest quality – crisp, fruity wines that are the finest a Riesling enthusiast could desire.

The Böcking family has lived, loved and passed down the tradition of wine making, along with portions of four steep-slope vineyards, to successive generations. It is their experience and dedication, combined with decades-old vines growing on rich, mineral soils, that allow the family to continue to produce the finest Mosel Riesling wines.

Learn more about these wines here:


Upcoming Events

January 2017

january jbgJean-Bernard Grenié to visit with Kindred Vines January 25th – 27th

February 2017

january ac
Antico Colle to visit with Kindred Vines the week of February 20th.

january dubostClementine Baste and Jean-Paul Dubost from Domaine Dubost to visit with Kindred Vines and RNDC of Indiana February 6th – 8th.

january vincentVincent Thebaud, Export Manager for Brumont to visit Kindred Vines Week of February 27th

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