Kindred Vines Import Company enters the Wisconsin Market

This week I met with Kindred Vines Import Company’s new Wisconsin distribution partner, L’eft bank Distributors. They are a fantastic, extremely well respected distributor that we are proud to partner with. Jeff Eastman is their Vice President, and is responsible for growing their market presence and for managing most of their European portfolio. While he has been working diligently to streamline L’eft Bank’s portfolio, he clearly sees an opportunity to add a number of Kindred Vines’ authentic brands to their already impressive book.


Kindred Vines has some advantages to L’eft Bank due to its mid-west proximity and the fact that we maintain inventory levels that can support glass pour and important retail placements. L’eft Bank is headquartered in Mcfarland, Wisconsin, and their distribution warehouse is in Madison, while Jeff is based in Milwaukee – a fantastic town on the Lake Michigan shoreline which boasts a tremendous culinary food scene.


After a comprehensive review of the wines of Domaine du Pegau, Brumont, Vignerons du Mont Ventoux, Seguinot-Bordet, and the Foncalieu co-operative from Languedoc, we went to dinner at the highly acclaimed French Bistro – Pastiche. Dinner consisted of wonderful small plates, great conversation, and a tableside visit from their acclaimed chef, who shared with us Chateau Montus La Tyre, the iconic wine from acclaimed winemaker Alain Brumont. It was an exceptional evening.


Getting to Milwaukee was a tremendous part of the experience as I took the Lake Express ferry out of Muskegon, Michigan across Lake Michigan and directly into Milwaukee. It was a gorgeous day and it allowed me to be very productive.


Of course, the highlight of the trip was the people, especially Jeff Eastman, who is a true professional and a man totally committed to his craft and his community.I look forward to a tremendous future with the L’eft Bank team.


Dan Glisky

CEO and Managing Partner, Kindred Vines Import Co.


Checkout some pictures from Dan’s trip below!


The ferry boat to Milwaukee:




The view from the ferry:





Dan Glisky and L’eft Bank Distributor’s Jeff Eastman review the initial Kindred Vines wine placements into the Wisconsin market:




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