Kindred Vines Import Company opens distribution in Nebraska


I had the pleasure of attending Quail Distribution Company’s summer 2015 trade show as part of Kindred Vines Import Company’s launch into the Nebraska market.  I attended the show with Ed Almsteier, our representative in the Nebraska market and an individual who has a lot of history in the Nebraska wine and restaurant business.


After I checked into the Magnolia hotel in Omaha, Ed picked me up and we headed for lunch at La Buvette Bistro located in the old Market District in Omaha, and owned by Mark and Vera Mercer.  The restaurant has been around since 1991, and with good reason – the food is fantastic, and their wine list very comprehensive.  It just so happened that Mark and Vera were there, and we said hello before we left for the Quail trade show. Mark had already agreed to bring in the wines from Brumont, both Torus and Chateau Montus and he told us that we would see him later at the show where we would look forward to tasting through the entire Brumont line up, including the vin de pays Gascony red and white wines, Torus, Montus, Bouscasse, and La Tyre.  Lunch was fantastic!


Ed showed me around the Market District, and we stopped in to several restaurants where Ed met up with old friends, and encouraged them to come to the trade show.


When we got to the trade show, about 2pm, everyone was getting ready for the expected 160+ customers that would ultimately attend.  The event was extremely well organized and customers were coming from all over Nebraska, but primarily from Omaha and Lincoln.  Once customers started to arrive, it was non-stop action.  Our table was often times two and three people deep, and we were showing not only the great wines of Brumont, but had as an introductory pre-sell opportunity the wines from Vignerons de Ventoux, the Languedoc co-operative Foncalieu, Haut Bridau, and l’Espigouette.  All of the pre-sell wines were extremely well received and we took orders on all of them, but especially well loved was the Haut Bridau Picoul de Pinet.  It truly is a delicious wine.


Before we knew it, it was 7:30pm, and the warehouse was buzzing with activity of collecting orders, cleaning up, and getting pizzas.  Ed and I had to say good bye though as we headed over to a great friend of Ed’s and current client, Cedric Fichepain, the owner of Omaha’s renowned french restaurant Republique Francaise.  What a great end to the evening.  The food was fantastic and the wine list was expansive and well thought out, and included the wines of Alain Brmont.


It was a very successful launch for Kindred Vines into the Nebraska Market.  We look forward to following up and working with the very professional staff at Quail Distributing, and to a long relationship with the many great clients in the Nebraska market.


I am looking forward returning soon!

Dan Glisky

CEO and Managing Partner, Kindred Vines Import Co.


Check out some pictures from Dan’s trip below:

General Manager Bob Ryan of Quail Distributing kicking off the Summer Trade show which featured Kindred Vines Import Company:




Dan Glisky and Ed Almsteier working at the Quail Distributing trade show in Omaha Nebraska!




Nebraska representative, Ed Almsteier and CEO and Managing Partner of Kindred Vines Import Co, Dan Glisky, at La Buvette in Omaha, Nebraska! La Buvette is now carrying the wines of Brumont including Torus and Chateau Montus:



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