#RoséAllDay? More like #RoséAllYear! Rosé is the perfect drink for the winter – and we’re here to tell you why.

Everyone is quick to put their rosé away when the temperature drops – it’s only a spring wine! It’s summer water! But those who won’t drink pink later in the year are missing out on one of the most versatile, diverse categories of wine for almost half the year!

Rosé, in particular dry rosé, is a great wine for winter because of it’s versatility. It’s incredibly food friendly, and its vibrancy and acidity naturally pair with the heavier, richer dishes we crave in the colder months. It’s equally good on its own, either before a meal or just because! And if you feel like getting creative, some of the best wine-based cocktails out there, like those featured here, start with a little bit of our favorite pink wine.

But even we will admit that not all rosé is created equal – in the winter, we tend to go for the tried and true, like Provence, or a glass of something with a little more body and texture. Here’s an insider tip: the next time you’re at the grocery store, reach for one of the bottles of darker rosé you might have shied away from this Spring. These tend to be a little more full-bodied and vibrant than their pale counterparts.

If you’re still confused, have no fear! Here’s our picks for the best rosés to get you through this chilly winter:


Domaine Mejan-Taulier Canto Perdrix Tavel Rosé





Tavel – a region in the Rhone –  is famous region for fuller bodied, deeper flavored rosé, and it is the perfect selection to help you transition from fall to winter.  The color alone is enough to pique anyone’s interest – the dark ruby gives the region away on this bottle. The Mejan-Taulier rosé is one of the best Tavels among the entire appellation. It’s structured on the palate with a nice liveliness, and notes of cherry and raspberry fruit.



Moris Farms Mandriolo Rosato


REGION: Toscana

SUB-REGION: Massa Marittima


This 100% Sangiovese rosé from Tuscany is especially fruity and fresh, and pairs beautifully with an assortment of meals. The bouquet is has fresh and harmonious red fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and peaches. It is fruity on the palate as well, with delicate floral notes, and a cool, bone-dry finish. It goes well with all pasta dishes with tomato sauce, pizza, roasted fish, or a simple charcuterie board. This is a wine to show off at your next holiday party!



L’Oratoire St. Andrieu Rosé


REGION: Provence

SUB-REGION: Coteaux Varois


Nothing says rosé more than the most quintessential region for it – Provence.  Domaine Saint Andrieu is located in the hills of the Provence countryside, right next to the famous Brangelina vineyards of Miraval! The vibrant acidity and delicate fruit flavors of Provençal rosé make it the perfect match for our heavier dishes of winter. This stunning rose has a pale peach color, and lively aromas with an expressive mouthfeel – citrus notes, pink grapefruit, and a crisp, clean finish.



La Gascogne d’Alain Brumont Rosé


REGION: Southwest

SUB-REGION: Côtes de Gascogne


This rosé has an unique blend: Tannat, Syrah, and Merlot. These are three big, complementary grape varieties that make for an unusual, high-spirited rosé. You get velvet and satin from the Merlot, energy and liveliness from the Tannat, and raspberries, red currants, and great fruit from the Syrah, resulting in a rather special, seductive, moreish rosé. It’s gastronomic as well – it comes alive with food. This is a lovely expression of the festivity and harmony Gascony, and the holiday season, is known for.



Quinta de Covela Touriga Nacional Rosé

COUNTRY: Portugal

REGION: Vinho Verde



The Quinta de Covela rosé is one of unparalleled class. If you’ve ever thought that other rosés were frilly, or not serious enough for you, then this is 100% the bottle for you. It is elegant, balanced, structured; the nose is fresh and light, layered with aromas of strawberry and touches of citrus. The palate is bone dry with vibrant, yet fine acidity, marked by a touch of blueberries, spice, and fine-grained tannin.



Carrelet d’Estuaire Rosé


REGION: Bordeaux

Don’t let the pale pink color fool you – this rosé packs a punch! A 100% Merlot rosé from Bordeaux, the Carrelet d’Estuaire is like a call for relaxation, holidays, and aperitifs with friends and family. The nose is very aromatic, and delivers notes of red fruits and citrus fruits. On the palate, this wine has a nice balance of cassis, strawberry, and grapefruit notes with a lengthy, persistent finish.







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