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"Alain Brumont has one ambition: that his actions as a winegrower are reflected in his wines. A tireless explorer of Gascon terroirs, promoter of local grape varieties, a gardener who lovingly tends his vines, a winemaker who is respectful of cultural roots, he is South-West France's leading wine producer, both in the Madiran and Parenchec du Vic Bilh appellations and in the Côtes de Gascogne. He has achieved his ambition: Bouscassé, Montus and Torus have become icons in the world of fine wines, and each vintage is an expression of his dream."

A family-owned estate from before the French Revolution, Alain Brumont created the vineyard as it is today in 1980. He was voted as the best French winemaker and at the international level the producer of one of the ten finest wines in the world. Alain Brumont worked to re-establish old terroirs that had been abandoned for nearly 50 years; and today Brumont strives to offer the best interpretation of Gascony wine.

Without any industry or towns to pollute the air or water for 100 kilometers around, the vines of Brumont benefit from an ideal environment. The preservation of natural flora is an important aspect of Brumont's philosophy. The vineyards are only cut when they have finished producing seeds, thereby ensuring that these millennial-old varieties continue to survive. The value of this conservation is that the soil's enzymatic, bacterial, and microbial power is preserved along with a beneficial interaction with the vines. It is ultimately this biodiversity that impacts the quality of the grapes. Through observation, experiments of all kinds, and this desire to enhance the terroir, and draw out all of its substance, the vineyard is given expression, and very great wines are made.