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"Castel Sallegg is one of the rare family-run wineries in Alto Adige, where much of the wine is made by cooperatives. Count Georg von Kuenburg and his family farm 30 hectares of vines near Lake Caldaro at 200 meters above sea level and near Leisenhof at 500 meters."

Castel Sallegg is a family-run firm of winegrowers in Caldaro, Alto Adige. Making our own wines mean that we are fully dedicated to Alto Adige’s winegrowing culture and we feel it is our task to bring Alto Adigeean wines to a wider audience of wine-lovers in both Italy and the world.

The family history and Castel Sallegg have been intimately connected since 1851. The estate went in direct succession from Archduke Rainer of Austria, Viceroy of Lombardy and Veneto, via the Princess of Campofranco to today’s owner, the Count von Kuenburg.

In around 1892 Enrico Lucchesi Palli, Prince of Campofranco, brought some Moscato Rosa vines from his Sicilian possessions to Caldaro which, planted in the warmest location on Lake Caldaro, were intended as a valuable addition to the winegrowing estate. From this variety, nowadays very rare, the Castel Sallegg winery produces the delicate Moscato Rosa, one of the premium wines of the Counts von Kuenburg.

The vineyards became the family’s greatest treasure and form the basis for the production of their exquisite wines.

The wine tradition at Castel Sallegg has yet deeper roots. The “deep cellar” is believed to date back 1,000 years, a witness to a centuries-old tradition of winemaking! Owing to its constant temperature all year round it plays an important role in the development of the wines.

Alto Adige is a mountain region of innumerable aspects. High up it is the snow-covered summits that characterise the landscape, while palms, cypresses, vineyards and fruit orchards dot the valleys down below. The meeting of the Alpine-continental climate with the mild Mediterranean climate creates a landscape that is unique in the world.

The vines of Castel Sallegg grow on gentle slopes in the best locations around Lake Caldaro and enjoy an ideal climate for wine at altitudes of between 230 and 550 metres above sea level.

The warm microclimate around Lake Caldaro at 230-280 metres above sea level favours late-ripening, aromatic grape varieties. The vineyards at a height of 550 metres at the Preyhof are however suitable for the cultivation of fruity white wines. Sauvignon Blanc and Blauburgunder [Pinot Nero] find an ideal home at the Leisenhof at some 500 metres above sea level.

The interaction between the soils and the influence of the Mediterranean and Alpine climates determine the unmistakable character of the quality wines produced at Castel Sallegg.