Champagne Duménil

Champagne Duménil

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The story of Champagne Duménil goes back to its foundation in 1874 and owes a great deal to a happy combination of skill in both viticulture and in wine-making that was a rarity at the end of the XIX century.

As well as tending vines, Emile-Paul Duménil, the founder, also owned a grocery and a café in Chigny-Les-Roses. Little did he realise that the champagne house he created would still be prospering more than 140 years later.
Exceptional wine makers
Their understanding of the tastes and expectations of their customers helped them become quite remarkable wine makers.
Frédérique and Hugues
Frédérique Poret is the great granddaughter of the founder of the house and today she is the creative inspiration behind the blending of the champagnes. Her husband, Hugues, is from a long line of vignerons in the nearby village of Sacy, Premier Cru, and he has the knack of bringing the best out of each plot of vines so that each reveals its own individual character.
They each play an equal part in the wine making and in bringing the spirit of Champagne Duménil to life.