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Champagne Soutiran

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Champagne is a great wine. Champagne Soutiran is a great producer.

Champagne Soutiran's ambition is to let you discover, through their work, all the wealth and diversity of the “Wines from Champagne”.

Faced with the standardization of tastes dictated by mass production, they defend the notions of terroir and artisanal know-how; these values constitute their roots and make their champagnes authentic.

Their convictions are reinforced by the trust of professionals, the enthusiasm of consumers and recognition from the press; they motivate Champagne Soutiran to continue along the path of singularity.

After a military career that started in 1936, Gérard SOUTIRAN returned to viticulture, the job he had learned in his youth. He took over the vines of his former tutor, and extended his land thanks to the vineyard brought by his wife Solange. Thus, in the 1950s, he became the first to use the name SOUTIRAN on a bottle of champagne.

In 1969, Alain, the eldest of Gérard’s 4 children, created his own set-up with his wife Roselyne. They strove to develop their operations and create their own range of champagnes under the name SOUTIRAN PELLETIER.

In 1989, following her business studies, Alain’s eldest daughter Valérie joined the family business. She took over management and developed the commercial side. The name then became “Champagne SOUTIRAN”, to facilitate communication with export markets.

In 1999, Valérie’s husband Patrick RENAUX also joined the business. At first he took up a commercial role, then, as years went by, he took over production aspects and the elaboration of wines.