Château La Tour de Béraud

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Château La Tour de Béraud

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Chateau La Tour de Beraud is named after the old fire tower on the property that dates back to the XIV century. The tower, which is now surrounded by old vineyards of Carignan, was originally built to help prevent invasions from the Mediterranean Sea. It was part of a network of towers strategically positioned along the Rhone River from Aigues Mortes to Beaucaire. Inhabitants of the region would light fires in the towers from town to town along the route to warn the locals that invaders were coming. The tower and surrounding vineyards were purchased by the Collard family in the early 1960’s. A decade later Francois Collard decided to manage the family property with his wife Anne and dedicate the production of the estate solely to wine.

The vineyards are situated only a few miles from the Rhone River. The result is an exceptional terroir composed of flat, rounded stones (“galets”) on clay and limestone, enabling the vines to draw nutrients and moisture for the depths of the soil. The galets protect the soil from evaporation and also add a touch of minerality and freshness to the wines.

Originally, the vineyard makeup at Chateau La Tour de Beraud was predominately red varietals, dominated by old vines of Carignan. Over many years Francois Collard has planted several “new” red and white varieties enabling the estate to enlarge their range of wines to include white and rosé. Today, the vineyards of La Tour de Beraud stretch over 30 acres. Reasonable yields and a sensitive approach to the winemaking process result in an expression of the terroir of Costieres-de- Nimes at its very best: lively, fresh and balanced.