Château Bellevue

Château Bellevue

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Chateau Bellevue in St. Emilion is known to have great terroir. The ancient Romans were aware of this. In fact, when walking the vineyards, it’s easy to spot remains of the original plantings left by ancient Roman vintners. The modern era of Chateau Bellevue begins in the 17th century. At that time, the Fief de Bellevue, became the owner. As was the custom of the day, he renamed the Bordeaux vineyard using his name. Chateau Bellevue hands in the 1930’s when it was purchased by the deConinck family along, with the Pradel de Lavaux

The estate is situated at the top of a hill overlooking Plassac, a very privileged area of the Cotes de Blaye wine region on the borderline between the Pays d’Oc and the Pays d’Oeil offering a superb view over the Gironde Estuary. Alain and Anne-Sophie Lancereau bought this wine estate with the aim of making it part of a larger cultural and tourist project. Their passion for wine, and for this chateau in particular, stems from the profession of Anne-Sophie’s grandfather, a wine merchant. By investing in the vineyard in 2003, they aimed to recreate a once great wine. They have carried out extensive restructuring in the vineyard and modernized and extended the winery.