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Corteforte was built the early 1400’s in a strategic point in the Fumane valley. It was originally composed of four towers joined together by a high rock wall and was an important point in the defense against attacks from the north.

In 1600, the structure became property of an important family in Verona, who transformed it into noble country residence. The edifice was enriched with arches in marble and ornately decorated. Other dwellings were also constructed nearby. Since 1989, Corteforte is the property of Carlo Maria Cerutti, an enthusiastic grape cultivator that has restructured the winery, maintaining as much as possible its original characteristics. Only one of the original towers remains.

Situated on a gentle slope with excellent sun exposure, the vineyards that surround Corteforte are recognized as the best in the region. The wines provide the aromas of roses, violets and almonds.