Domaine du Moulin

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Domaine du Moulin

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Located on both sides of the Tarn river, and surrounding the historic town of Gaillac, the Domaine du Moulin with its 38 hectares combines two high quality soils and an original vine plantation.
Braucol and Duras are planted for the red wines, and Loin de l'oiel, Muscadelle, and Mauzac are planted for white wines. These are indigenous, traditional vines to Gaillac which bring out aromatic complexity, elegance, and finesse in the wines. This exceptional configuration gives a unique personality to Domaine du Moulin's wines.
Taking advantage of the combination of these two soils, the domaine enjoys both the fat and fruity taste of wines grown on clayey-chalky ground, and the finesse and tannic weft of wines grown on gravelly ground.
The Domaine works the soil with meticulous care, and applies this care to a greener vineyard management which fits into the respect they bring to the environment.
Their permanent search for balance enables them to bring a harvest of the highest quality to the storehouse. A rigorous mastering of yields, 40 to 45 hectoliters per hectare, and even 25 hectoliters for the Floretin vintage, followed by individual vinification for each patch of land give the wines the character they are renowned for.

The land, topsoil, and subsoil on which the vines grow are always connected to its repute. The domaine has the luck and distinctive feature of growing vines on both Gaillacois soils.
Red vine plants are on the Tarn's left bank's gravels, which is renowned for its red wines needing ageing. White vine plants enjoy the clayey-chalky soil of the lowest Gaillac hills on the right bank where the best Gaillac whites are harvested.