Laurent Dufouleur

Country of Origin:


Laurent Dufouleur was born in Nuits Saint Georges in Burgundy and
grew up in a wine producing family famous for their wines for many
generations. This heritage gave him his passion for wine and for
Bugundy. Laurent owns several vineyards and offers wines with a
personal touch that show the best quality of his vineyards.
Thanks to his expertise in Burgundy, Laurent also signs some wines
coming from other vineyards, always with the same focus on quality to
guarantee customer satisfaction.

Laurent Dufouleur is owned by L. Tramier et Fils,
a wine merchant and grower since 1842. Together,
Laurent Dufouleur and Maison Tramier combine
tradition with progress. Tradition, on account of
time-honoured expertise handed down from father
to son providing in-depth wine maturing experience
whilst respecting past techniques; and progress,
by way of ensuring that its vintages benefit from
the very latest oenological technology, notably
for bottling. The wines are still produced in the
estate's original buildings, overlooking the Mercurey
vineyard, and the wines mature in vaulted cellars
dating from 1830. They are the only Mercurey cellars
to be entirely built in the rock face, thereby ensuring
a constant temperature and exceptional aging
conditions for all vintages.