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"Two hundred years ago the Moris Family left Spain to come to the Tuscan Maremma, a divine land and a land renowed for its wine: a fantasy was turning into reality. A fresh and genuine love for a still virgin land, barely touched by the cumbersome presence of man, yet rich in extraordinary natural resources whose value could be enhanced by doting hands. This love is also and especially for the wine that, in this countryside, finds its ideal environment and that for the Moris family has always been a splendid passion. The farm’s history is enclosed in this profound and wise simplicity that recalls the much mourned atmosphere of the good old things, things made with care and dedication by the people who love what have chosen to do: a simple history enshrined in every bottle that Morisfarms offers you."

The Moris family has dedicated itself for generations to agriculture and has over the years increased their interest and specialization in viticulture.

The estate holds 476 hectares, 100 of which are under vine. Concentration is focused on Sangiovese, with a small percentage dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Operated by Dr. Adolfo Parentini, husband of Caterina Moris, the estate is considered by many as one of the top producers in area known as Maremma.

Once a well kept secret, their top wine “Avvoltore” is today world renowned still bears the signature of Caterina’s father, a true pioneer and the foundation from which this estate was built.