Nga Waka

Environmentally Friendly Producer

Nga Waka

Country of Origin:

New Zealand



Great wine expresses its particular site; it reflects a sense of place. The name Nga Waka was chosen to reflect our sense of place. The name is taken from Nga Waka A Kupe (The Canoes of Kupe). Three hills, which lie like upturned canoes, form a backdrop for the town of Martinborough. Legend has it that the hills were formed by the three canoes of the Polynesian explorer Kupe, carried inland by a huge earthquake and coming to rest in the valley behind Martinborough
Nga Waka remains a family business. Winemaker and CEO Roger Parkinson is a Roseworthy College graduate and prizewinner with experience in winemaking and viticulture in New Zealand, Australia and France. He is responsible for all aspects of production. His wife Carol is qualified in business studies and is responsible for financial management. Roger’s parents, Margaret and Gordon, now retired, maintain an active interest.