Quinta da Boavista

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Quinta da Boavista

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Quinta da Boavista is one of the most emblematic vineyards of the Douro, an estate indelibly associated with the name of Baron Joseph James Forrester, a pre-eminent figure in the history of winemaking in this, Portugal’s premium winemaking region.

Located on the Douro’s right bank, just West of the sleepy town of Pinhão and endowed with a unique, spectacular view over the river, this icon of the Demarcated Douro Region is best-known for its quality vines, some a century old, planted in schist terraces built by the arduous labour of men and beast in the 19th Century and before. On this property, one feels as if time has stood still, that memories are rigorously preserved, making Quinta da Boavista an ex-libris of the breathtaking mix of natural beauty and human ingenuity that is the Douro. The sum of all these elements is an ideal terroir for producing wines of exceptional quality.

Quinta da Boavista was included in the first ever demarcation of the Douro demarcated region, ordered by Portugal’s powerful first minister the Marquis of Pombal, in 1757. The estate’s main house was a favourite abode of Baron Joseph James Forrester, the illustrious wine-maker, map-maker, painter and historic defender of best practises in the Port industry.

Half of the 80 hectares of this estate is under vine and all its vineyards have the top “A” classification. In short, Boavista is a jewel among the Douro’s quintas.