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"Finest Prosecco of the year."

The name Sentio derives from the Latin verb Sentiō, which means to perceive with senses, experiment, research and appreciate; suggesting the idea of a mindful choice of fine drinking through the pleasure of tasting, to discover the most authentic and genuine sensations, its perfumes and aromas.

The outstanding label is a piece of art designed by Elena Borghi and it represents the lush Grapes Goddess, a gushing Nature that bears excellent fruit, offering in gift a genuine product with the simplicity and elegance of the Prosecco wine. One of the details is a rose, a flower that has always been and is still being planted at the beginning of every row of vines, as it is believed that it could warn of a possible onset of grape diseases.

The passion for wine and vineyards that winemaker, Francesco Baccichetto, has comes from his grandfather, "Nonno Agostino" the man which in the late '40s begun to work as a vintner. Nonna Agostino started out by purchasing 10 hectares for his winery, and over time this has more than doubled with his wineries becoming one of the best known in the Conegliano hinterland, the Prosecco's land.

Nowadays, the winery is still working with local clients, and is infusing passion for the land into the quality of its wines.