Spring is finally here, and that means spring cleaning, garden parties, farmer’s markets, and sunshine!  Here are KVIC’s picks for the best wines for spring:

What We’re Drinking This Spring

spring picksThe Occasion: Going to the Beach

The Wine: Picpoul de Pinet
Our Pick: Domaine Haut Bridau Picpoul de Pinet
Why it Works: Feel the sea breeze on your skin, smell the salt in the air, and taste the delicious flavors of Picpoul. With fresh acidity and lively flavors, this wine is perfect for the beach.
Try it With: Oysters and seafood


The Occasion: The First Bloom

The Wine: Viognier
Our Pick: Chateau de Montfaucon Viognier 
Why it Works: The Montfaucon Viognier is so fresh, it’s the perfect wine for spring.  Fruity and floral, it will make you think of all the beautiful blossoms of spring.
Try it With: Spicy Asian food


spring picksThe Occasion: Dinner with Friends

The Wine: Riesling
Our Pick: Böcking Riesling 
Why it Works: This Riesling is the perfect crowd pleaser.  Not too dry for sweeter drinkers, not too sweet for drier drinkers, it’s refreshing, tangy, fruity, and delicious.
Try it With: Cured-meat driven dishes, like flatbread with proscuitto and arugula


spring picksThe Occasion: Christening your Patio

The Wine: Prosecco
Our Pick: Sentio Prosecco Extra Dry 200mL Splits
Why it Works: Celebrate the opening of your patio with a little bubbly.  The Sentio Extra Dry is fruity & fresh, and the 200mL splits are the perfect single serving. Try serving them with a cute straw for easy sipping.
Try it With: A charcuterie board


spring picksThe Occasion: Weekend Farmer’s Market Trip

The Wine: Provençal Rosé
Our Pick: Domaine St. Andrieu L’Oratoire St. Andrieu 
Why it Works: No spring wine list would be complete without a rosé! After scoring all that great local produce at the farmer’s market, relax and enjoy your spoils with some L’Oratoire. It has crisp pink grapefruit flavors – perfect for spring!
Try it With: Fresh chevre and grilled veggies


spring picksThe Occasion: Sunny Picnic

The Wine: White Vinho Verde
Our Pick: Quinta de Covela Edicao Nacional – Avesso 
Why it Works: Although usually regarded as more of a summer wine, white Vinho Verde is the perfect pick for those warm, sun drenched spring days. The Avesso from Covela has amazing white flower aromas and bright citrus & stone fruit flavors, so throw a bottle in your picnic basket!
Try it with: Sushi and sashimi


spring picksThe Occasion: The Neighborhood Barbecue

The Wine: Beaujolais
Our Pick: Domaine Dubost Beaujolais Villages 
Why it Works: Fresh, fruity, easy drinking Beaujolais is the perfect spring red.  The Dubost Beaujolais Villages has soft tannins and red fruit flavors – the perfect accompaniment for BBQ.  It can even be served slightly chilled on warm days!
Try it With: Grilled meats & BBQ


Written by

Emily Jane Coffman
Emily is the Marketing & Sales Support Manager of Kindred Vines Import Co, and loves all things wine, food, and travel. At any given point you can find her with a glass of wine in her hand and her nose stuck in a book.

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