Dan FarleyPartner

A lifelong resident of the State of Michigan, Dan Farley earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University in 1980, vaguely content with the notion of pursuing a career in the field of Labor and Industrial Relations. But a series of fortuitous events (and seized opportunities!) led Dan in another direction and down a path followed by so many in our business – he stashed his degree in the closet and began an adventure exploring the world of wine.

For over 30 years Dan has been uniquely committed to a life in the wine trade. With the exception of the actual production process, he has professionally experienced nearly every segment of our industry, including hospitality service, retail sales, wholesale distribution (including portfolio management and sales) and importation. Since 1996 Dan has traveled annually to France to support and strengthen the personal relationships with winemaking families that he shared (and now manages) with previous mentors and partners J.C. Mathes (J et R Selections) and Jack Bourget (J & J Importers), always with heart, mind and palate open to the possibility of adding new members to our growing “family” of wine producers.

As Import Director at Kindred Vines Import Co., Dan will use the knowledge gained from these many years in the trade and countless visits abroad to bring the wines, the history and the stories of these great producers to all of our valued customers and friends.