Robin JacksonBusiness Development Manager

As Business Development Manager, Robin is fully committed to the twin tasks of working for the success of our distributor partners and expanding distribution into new markets.

Robin has happily arrived at the place in life where his work and his play are one in the same. Should not one’s career in fine wine be fun after all? The seed of passion for wine found fertile ground in him over two decades ago. It sprang to life when he opened a wine shop in a small town and taught a wine enjoyment series at the local Arts Council. His passion soon infected many of his students and he organized a group of fifty to meet monthly to taste some of the world’s most precious nectar of the vine.

Before joining Kindred Vines, Robin worked at the distributor level for ten years developing a virtual virgin territory into one of the most productive in his company. He led a team in two states in seventeen brand categories and was either first or second in twenty seven. He understands the power of message, building brands at the grassroots level and delivering exceptional service to the customer.

He is an alumnus of East Carolina University.