Thanksgiving: one of the most food-centric holidays in the world. With all that abundant, delicious food on the table, finding the wine that can do it all and pair well with every facet of your Thanksgiving meal can seem like a daunting task! Have no fear, Kindred Vines is here! Take a look at our staff’s picks for their favorite Thanksgiving wines, and maybe you’ll find one (or two or three!) that you’ll want on your table this season. 


Robin’s Pick: Spicy Selections

Sometimes pairing with poultry can be difficult as it’s somewhat of a blank canvas when it comes to flavor. Robin’s tip?

“Try a wine that has nice spice notes to liven up your poultry! Aromatic, Alsatian whites like Gewürztraminer pair really nicely with turkey, and Southern Rhone red blends have a nice spicy, peppery finish that everyone will love.” 

Our Suggestions: 

Frey Sohler Gewürztraminer Vieilles Vignes thanksgiving

The Frey Sohler estate has evolved through several generations, all intimately linked with the village and the wines of Alsace. Currently occupying 29 hectares, the estate is run by brothers Damien and Nicolas Sohler. This Gewürztraminer has a beautiful color with bright highlights. Its intense bouquet displays rich aromas of fruit, flowers, and spices. It is robust and full-bodied, but still has an essence of elegance that runs throughout. The spicy flavors fill the palate; ideally, drink this one young, but it can be kept for about 3-5 years.



Domaine de l’Oratoire Saint Martin Reserve des Seigneursthanksgiving

Since André Alary in 1692, ten generations of grape growers have worked on this same vineyard, from one to the next for over 300 years. Frédéric and François Alary took over the Domaine in 1984 and work 25 hectares on the Saint Martin hillsides including the oratoire, built in the middle of the vineyard, which gave its name to the estate. The Reserve des Seigneurs is dark red and purple with notes of ripe fruits, violet, and nutmeg on the nose. Spicy, peppery, and roasted aromas abound on the palate.



Kristen’s Pick: Savory Whites 

Part of what makes a Thanksgiving wine so hard to choose is the multitude of flavors and side dishes happening in the meal. Kristen says,

“Try a savory white with some nice acidity.  Something with a round mouth-feel won’t clash with the heavier dishes, but the acidity and savory notes will cut through the richness of things liked mashed potatoes and stuffing and create a really nice balance.” 

Our Suggestions: 

Domaine du Moulin Vieilles Vignes Blanc thanksgiving

Domaine du Moulin has been making wine in the Gaillac region of France since 1827. Winemaker Nicolas Hirissou is the sixth generation winemaker of his family. This blend is 80% Sauvignon Blanc, and 20% Loin de L’Oeil, an indigenous varietal whose name means far from the eye.  It has a beautiful color with thick legs, and an intense and very aromatic nose. One finds a large amount of aroma in the mouth feel. There is a lot of fleshiness and strength with a long reach on the palate. The acidity and roundness of this wine are just beautiful, and the finish leaves you with delicious herby, savory notes.



Richard Böcking Ungsberg Grand Cru Riesling thanksgiving

Weingut Richard Böcking has a number of Grand Cru, or Alte Reben, plots of Riesling, and the Ungsberg is one of his finest. Ungsberg is their steepest vineyard, and the wines are distinguished by notes of chamomile and saffron, produced by a rich cover of herbs. This close-to-dry wine displays the perfect balance between pure, rich, fresh fruit and mineral flavors. The noes offers up the typical savory notes and spice of the Ungsberg scents of yellow and green herbs.




Emily’s Pick: Rosé All (Turkey) Day

Any wine aficionado will tell you that turkey day is the day for rosé.

“The nice fruity flavors in rosé harmonize perfectly with all the savory flavors present in the food,” says Emily. “Something dry and vibrant is the perfect rosé to pair with Thanksgiving classics.” 

Our Suggestions: 

Domaine Mejan Taulier Canto Perdrix Tavel Rosé

Located on the right bank of the Rhone, Domaine Mejan Taulier was established in 1920. The estate is located in the center of the village of Tavel where the land has an enchanting power.  The Canto Perdrix Tavel has a beautiful dark ruby color that will steal the show on any table. The wine is very structured on the palate with a nice vibrant liveliness and dark red fruit flavors like currants and cranberries. This Tavel is among the best of the appellation.




Domaine Saint Andrieu L’Oratoire Saint Andrieu Provence Rosé

Domaine Saint Andrieu sits in the picturesque hills of the Provençal countryside, near Brignoles in the small village of Correns. Owned by the same owners as Château Talbot, Saint Andrieu consistently produces amazing quality wines. Quintessential Provençal grape varieties give this vibrant rose a pale peach color. The lively and expressive mouth reveals citrus notes such as pink grapefruit, and a crisp, clean finish.




Chuck’s Pick: Light Bodied Reds

People tend to shy away from reds on Thanksgiving because the star of the feast is poultry. Chuck thinks that’s where people go wrong.

“People are afraid to pair red with poultry, but a nice, light-bodied red is the perfect wine to carry through the entire meal. It’s fresh and fruity enough to complement the turkey, but has enough structure to hold its own with the heavier parts of the meal.” 

Our Suggestions: 

Domaine Dubost Cru Beaujolais Régnié le Potet 

Everyone knows about Beaujolais Nouveau for Thanksgiving, but this year, try the good stuff: Cru Beaujolais. Founded in 1902, Domaine Dubost has vineyards in 5 of the 10 different Crus in the Beaujolais region. Winemaker Jean-Paul Dubost takes a very natural approach to his winemaking, respecting the environment and reflecting the terroir in every glass. The Régnié is light, fresh, and fruity; it has a beautiful purple color with fuschia hues in the glass with red fruit aromas and flavors.



Tenuta di Angoris Villa Locatelli Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

Although Tenuta di Angoris Villa Locatelli Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso might be hard to pronounce (read: definitely hard to pronounce), it’s not hard to understand why this robust, light-bodied red with such a crowd pleaser. Forthright and broad lingering aromas start you off with blackberry, cherry, forest floor, and white pepper scents; there’s a slightly herbaceous quality as well. The palate is sturdy with lively tannins, wild and earthy.  Red fruit flavors abound with a noticeable acidity on the finish.




Dan’s Pick: Pairings for Pie

 “Everyone forgets about dessert!” Dan says. “It’s the most important part of the meal!”

And he’s right! The only way to make a plethora of pies even better? Having a great glass of dessert wine with them.

Our Suggestions: 

Château d’Orignac Pineau des Charentes

Château d’Orignac has won accolades throughout France and the world, and their remarkable and inimitable Pineau des Charentes is an example of top quality. Made from two-thirds grape must (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) and one-third Cognac, it takes almost 10 years to produce. It has a complex nose of peaches, apricots, honey, almonds, and Cognac and an unforgettably smooth texture on the palate. The beautiful color is a rich amber with golden tints, perfect for any fall scene.




Fattori Recioto di Soave Motto Piane

Antonio Fattori, who runs this 25 hectare property, comes from a family of winemakers in Veneto. With over a century of history, the winery has accumulated a solid base for continuing improvement and expansion. The Motto Piane has an intense yellow color with golden reflections. Complex fruity aromas delight, rounded off by sweet spice and an intriguing sensation of dried apricots. Sweet, but fresh and tasty. It is an extremely elegant dessert wine.




So there you have it – the perfect pairings for Thanksgiving! What’s your favorite fall wine? What will be on your table this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below.


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