Bourgogne Blanc

A Burgundy from one of the most renowned families of the region.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

UPC Number: 8-58750-00006-7

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  • Vintage 2016
  • Producer
  • Country France
  • Region Burgundy
  • Alcohol 12.5%
  • Composition:
    100% Chardonnay
  • Winemaker Notes Domaine Seguinot-Bordet is one of the most renowned families in the Burgundy region, having produced fine wines since 1590. Complete devotion to the art of transforming ripe Chardonnay grapes into delicious, age-worthy bottled wines, without compromise, is the goal.
  • Tasting Notes This white Burgundy boasts riveting fruit and bracing, yet well-integrated acidity levels - incontestable hallmarks of genuine Burgundy wines.

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  • Vineyard The vineyards, situated predominately around the village of Chablis, are dedicated almost exclusively to the Chardonnay grape and planted on soils of Kimmeridgian limestone with outcrops of chalk. The cool climate of this region produces wines that are naturally high in acidity with a taught, lean structure, especially when compared to the relatively lush and rich Chardonnay wines produced in the more southerly districts of Burgundy. The flavors are less rich and fruity than Chardonnay wines grown in warmer climates, often presenting characteristics described “flinty” or “steely” and laced with minerality.
  • Vinification The current winemaker, Jean-Francois Bordet, has taken the quality level to new heights. By employing a revolutionary new cylindrical-shaped horizontal fermentation tank, the grape juice makes more complete contact with the skins and lees to provide extra body, fruit, and general flavor intensity.

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