Cairanne “Reserve des Seigneurs”

Spicy, peppery, and roasted.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

UPC Number: 15102001820

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  • Winemaker Notes Since André Alary in 1692, ten generations of grape growers from one to the next for over 300 years have worked on this same vineyard. Frédéric and François Alary took over the Domaine in 1984 and work 25 hectares on the Saint Martin hillsides including the oratoire, built in the middle of the vineyard, which gave its name to the estate.
  • Tasting Notes Dark red and purple with ripe fruits, violet, and nutmeg on the nose. Spicy, peppery and roasted aromas on the palate. Ideal serving temperature between 15 and 16 degrees C.
  • Press DC 91, VN 90

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  • Vineyard The bulk of the estate is situated in the northeast of the village Cairanne, 200 meters far from the hills of Rasteau in a place called "la montagne". In order to restrict the yield, the vines are shortly pruned and if necessary, the green grapes are cut. The vine grapes are cultivated without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides; the soil of the old vine grapes is entirely and mechanically treated in order to plow in the organic compost (sheep manure) and to accelerate the development of deep roots.
    • Age of vines: 65 years
    • Soil: Limestone-Clay, yellow clay on the surface and blue clay in the depth
    • Exposure: South to Southeast
    • Production: 30 hectoliters per hectare
  • Vinification Harvesting and sorting of the grapes is done by hand.
    • Fermentation: 18 days with pigeage
    • Maturation: 24 months is oak barrels
    • Bottling: No filtration or clarifying additives are added
    • Laying down period: 6-8 years

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