La Fleur

Fresh, mineral, greedy, fond, and creamy.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

UPC Number: 088156022787

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  • Vintage 2009
  • Producer
  • Country France
  • Region Bordeaux
  • Composition:
    100% Merlot
  • Winemaker Notes Having been in the Massonie family for three generations, Perron is now the responsibility of Betrand Massonie, whose drive, passion, technical skill and respect for the property's exceptional terroir have contributed massively to its recent renaissance. One of the top wines in the appellation and a rising star of the Right Bank.
  • Tasting Notes The nose is harmonious with notes of black fruit, cassis, plum, and spice. The palate is fresh, mineral, and creamy. It expresses notes of strawberry, blackberry and cherry associated with peak blueberry.

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  • Vineyard Average age of the wine is 65 years. Perron's tiny vineyard is looked after with all the care that one might devote to a garden. The soil in between the rows of vines is either turned over or grassed over. De-budding takes place in April or May, and in June or July, the eastern facing vines are deleafed and the vines in general are thinned out. The vineyard is protected from disease and pests according to the lutte raisonnée principles that dictate only using the minimum quantity of product and only when necessary. Picking is done entirely by hand and the gapes are sorted manually when they arrive at the vat house.
  • Vinification Manual and mechanical harvest; Selective sorting on a vibrating table and on a Mistral table, equipped with a blower. Traditional winemaking: Pre-fermentation cold maceration, alcoholic fermentation in cement vats equipped with temperature control, post fermentation maceration, malo-lactic fermentation. (In total: 45 days of vatting) Lastly, the wine is run off into barrels or into conical wooden vats. Maturation in 100% new oak barrels or conical wooden vats. Maturation period is approximately one year, racking and blending takes place in February - March. Filtration: tangenital flow filtration, bottling happens at the estate, two years after harvest date.

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