Le Lien

A wine with plenty of body and a lingering finish.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

UPC Number: 3298020491718

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  • Vintage 2013
  • Producer
  • Country France
  • Region Languedoc, France
  • Alcohol 13.5%
  • Composition:
    80% Syrah, 20% Grenache Noir
  • Winemaker Notes The tale of the Atelier Prestige de Foncalieu is one of a handful of producers working together to reach new heights, to strive for even greater excellence. In this sunny land in the south of France, they constantly cherish their land to stir and inspire us: artisanal work to enhance the fruit and create concentrated wines with remarkable balance and freshness. Le Lien tells a wonderful story: that of Romain Torrecilla and Pascal Bergé who have joined forces to get the very best out of their land. A unique wine combining the aromatic power of the Mediterranean climate with the freshness of the ocean environment. 4500 bottles produced.
  • Tasting Notes Deep red appearance. Bouquet with floral notes and aromas of fresh red fruit, vanilla, and toast. Wonderful sweetness on the palate in the attach, and plenty of body with a lingering finish of roasted aromas.
  • Press WA 90

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  • Vineyard Soil consisting of limestone-clay terraces with time-worn pebbles, in the windswept Minervois terroir. Altitude: 80 meters. Mediterannean climate with oceanic influences, bringing out the freshness and structure of this exceptional wine.
  • Vinification Upon receipt of the harvest, an automatic sorting system followed by a second-manual grape-by-grape sorting at a conveyor, and a tilting press (grape crushing at the top of the vat just before vatting) to preserve the grapes' aromatic potential. Pre-fermentation cold maceration lasting 5-6 days to gently extract the pigments and aromas found in the grape skins. Alcoholic fermentation in low-capacity temperature-controlled stainless steel vats (40-100 hl) for plot-by-plot vinification. Maceration lasting 3-4 weeks with daily punching down and pumping over to gently extract the full richness from the grapes.
  • Viticulture Sustainable growing methods and plot-by-plot selection limiting yield to 20 hl/ha. Cordon de Royat pruning for good bunch distribution. Debudding to limit yield. Leaf thinning to improve grape exporusre to the sun. Bunch thinning to enable selection of the highest quality grapes.

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