Morisfarms Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Vintage NV
  • Producer
  • Country Italy
  • Region Toscana
  • Winemaker Notes Our extra virgin olive oil is exclusively obtained (by mechanical processes) from hand-picked olives from the secular olive trees growing in our olive groves." "The spicy and strong taste makes room for more fruity and delicate notes, excellent for seasoning every dish.

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  • Vinification Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained by mechanical procedures. The olives are hand-picked starting from mid-October. A net is placed under the olive tree so that they do not touch the ground. Then the olives are placed in small plastic baskets and delivered within a few hours to the mill. As soon as you arrive at the mill, the olives are weighed and washed with drinking water. The leaves and other impurities are removed. The olives reach the press through a conveyor belt. The paste obtained is placed in a stainless steel tank and then prepared for the following processing through a circulatory movement while the walls are cooled with water at 24 ° C without it coming into contact with the olive mixture. The pulp is brought with a pump into a stainless steel centrifuge together with drinking water to obtain a fluid. The centrifuge separates the contents into three parts: solid parts (olives peels and pits), water, oil. The solid part is sold as olive residues. In a special container, water and oil are purified from solid residues. Liquids are pumped through a machine that separates the oil from the last remaining water. The oil is weighed, analyzed and transferred with stainless steel tube pumps into tanks of the same material in a separate room. Finally the oil is bottled and labeled by hand.
    • Total Acidity: 0.47 g/L
    • Maximum Number of Peroxides: 7.6
    • K232: 1.910
    • K270: 0.140

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