Petit Guiraud

45 km south from Bordeaux, on the left bank of the Garonne river, Château Guiraud extends over 128 hectares. The whole estate is located in the village of Sauternes which is quite remarkable.

Bottle Size: 375 mL

UPC Number: 0 88156 01817 9

  • Vintage 2011
  • Producer
  • Country France
  • Region bordeaux
  • Alcohol 13.5%
  • Composition:
    5% Muscadelle, 10% Sauvignon, 85% Sémillon
  • Winemaker Notes A clear connection and an haute couture label, Petit Guiraud is the new name for the second wine made by Château Guiraud, a Sauternes Premier Grand Cru Classé in the 1855 classification. This new name carries with it the responsibility to be worthy of a direct association with the grand vin. The label has been redesigned, but remains faithful to the gold and black that has always been a symbol of Château Guiraud and its history. The two labels have an obvious family resemblance; Petit Guiraud’s is less austere, with a floral design evoking a light, feminine wine, born of a gentle, harmonious environment.
  • Tasting Notes A rich and complex wine with remarkable freshness on the nose. Aromas of citrus fruit blending with sweet apricots. Very fine oak still present on the palate, adding hints of toast to the rich fruit flavors and complementing, rather than upsetting, the balance and complexity.
  • Vineyard
    • Surface: 85 Ha
    • Soil: sandy gravel for 80% of the surface and clay gravel for the remainder
    • Subsoils: translucent sands, pure gravel crossed through with red clay and limestone marls, fossilised oyster bed and red and white clay
    • Average age of vines: 15 years
  • Vinification
    • Production: 40,000 bottles
    • Harvest: Entirely manual, with successive selective harvests (2-6 harvests) of botrytized grapes. A minimum potential alcohol level of 20° is required to begin harvesting.
    • Fermentation: Partly in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats and partly in barrels. The different batches are fermented until they reach equilibrium (about three weeks), the nature of which depends on their plot selection. Chaptalization, cryoextraction and any other enrichment technique are strictly prohibited.
    • Maturation: In vats and barrels for 12 months.

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