Port Tawny Reserve

Quinta das Tecedeiras, whose historic vineyards are bathed by the waters of the Douro River, is located in the heart of Portugal’s most renowned wine-producing region – more precisely on the left bank of the river in the sub-region of Cima Corgo, between the towns of Pinhão and São João da Pesqueira. On the 67-hectare estate, producers Lima & Smith make both DOC Douro and Port wines that have been awarded and recognized internationally.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

  • Vintage NV
  • Producer
  • Country Portugal
  • Region Douro, Portugal
  • Alcohol 21%
  • Composition:
    Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão, Other Varietals
  • Winemaker Notes This Tawny Reserve - produced and aged at the Quinta - is notable for its versatility and its profile of authenticity, concentration of color and delicious notes of almonds and dried figs. Made with wines produced by a field blend of Old Vines (over 50 years old) and selected from four vintages, this is a great after-dinner Port with caramel and toasty notes that make it seem less heavy than many others.
  • Tasting Notes Color: Rusty-red tawny.
    Nose: Notes of caramel, dried fruit, walnuts and almonds. Notable aromatic complexity.
    Palate: In the mouth smooth but with some freshness that lends this wine a particular elegance.
    Pairing: Great with all sorts of less-sweet desserts and various types of cheese. Serve slightly chilled.
  • Press 92 Points Decanter
  • Vineyard Located at the heart of the Douro Wine making region, on the left bank of the river, some 5km upstream from the town of Pinhão, the Tecedeiras vineyards are literally bathed by the Douro and the estate’s terroir would be a dream-come-true for most winemakers eager to make outstanding, top-quality wines. The sloping, terraced vineyards of schist face North and West at altitudes between 90m and 190m. Here grapes ripen evenly and with a high concentration of flavors and aromas. When the estate was restored in the late 1990s, great care was given to maintain several plots of old vines – some centennial – which produce the estate’s best table and Port wines. There is a multitude of grape varieties, though six traditional Douro grapes are dominant: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca and Tinto Cão.
  • Vinification Complements Tecedeiras’ excellent natural conditions and the great care devoted to the vineyards. In the winery, Port is only made in years in which we can guarantee top quality. The brandy is supplied by the best distillers and is selected for its purity and neutrality of taste, which allows the grapes to give us their full expression and true character. For similar reasons, we harvest the grapes only once they have reached a full state of ripeness, permitting the winemaker to use minimal amounts of spirits. Part of the grapes at Tecedeiras was always held back to make a distinctive Reserve Tawny Port.
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