Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 200 mL

Every sip of these wines, produced from the best Glera grapes from vineyards in the province of Treviso, is an invitation to perceive through our five senses and to be seduced by the Grapes Goddess represented on the label.

Bottle Size: 200 mL (split)

UPC Number: 8016861155645

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  • Vintage NV
  • Producer
  • Country Italy
  • Region Treviso
  • Alcohol 11%
  • Winemaker Notes The outstanding label is a piece of art designed by Elena Borghi and it represents the lush Grapes Goddess, a gushing Nature that bears excellent fruit, offering in gift a genuine product with the simplicity and elegance of the Prosecco wine. One of the details is a rose, a flower that has always been and is still being planted at the beginning of every row of vines, as it is believed that it could warn of a possible onset of grape diseases.
  • Tasting Notes Excellent for apertif as well as commendable choice for any important occasion.
    Bubbles: rightly evanescent, with a fine and persistent perlage.
    Color: pale straw yellow wit greenish highlights.
    Aroma: Intense, fruity with a rich scent of apple, lemon, and grapefruit. It has pronounced aroma of wisteria in bloom and acacia flowers.
    Flavor: it has a pleasant acidity and fresh flavor. Serving temperature 6 – 8°C.
  • Press Janis Robinson: 16/20, International Wine Challenge 2016 - Silver Medal Winner
  • Vineyard Produced with the best glera grapes of the vineyards located in province of Treviso
    • Fermentation: occurs inside steel vats at controlled temperature, where selected yeasts are added. The wine becomes bubbly inside low temperature pressure tanks
    • Sugar: g/L 14,00 +/- 2,00
    • Acidity: g/L 5,70 +/- 0,50

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