As rosé becomes more and more popular, the general populace becomes more educated on the nuances of this once-overlooked pink wine.  What used to be interpreted as overly sweet and not worth the time has now started to grow into a world-wide phenomenon; but can rosé overcome its trendy, fad status in the United States and become a staple in the world of wine? 

We say yes.


One of the keys to rosé’s success will be the consumer’s understanding that not all rosé is created equal.  Just like any red or white, there is going to be good rosé, bad rosé, cheap rosé, great rosé, value rosé, and everything in between.  There is a multitude of styles of rosé made from a multitude of different grapes that are sold at a multitude of different price points.  Read: there is always a reason to drink rosé.

So now that we come to the end of summer and move into autumn, don’t put down the rosé!  Just trade out your fresh and fruity pink from Provence for some of these year round rosé options.


Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile

The change in the season calls for deeper, darker, more flavorful rosé. Flavors of spice and dark red fruit like cranberries and currants make for the perfect rosé for autumn.


year round rose fallDomaine Mejan Taulier Canto Perdrix Tavel Rosé

The dark ruby color of this Tavel rosé will immediately catch your eye.  This rosé has excellent structure on the palate, and a great liveliness to it – the perfect wine to transition from hot summer days to cool autumn nights!

Couly-Dutheil René Couly Rosé

The mouth is fleshy and delicate, but surprises you with a nice spice and fruity notes of red and black currants.  This 100% Cabernet Franc rosé perfectly embodies the deeper, darker style that makes a rosé so suited for fall.

Château de Montmiral Cuvée du Rossignol Rosé

The bouquet of this wine is an explosion of cooked red fruits and almonds.  On the palate, it’s heady, generous, and well-balanced.  The deeper fruit flavors and nuttiness pair perfectly with a crisp fall day.


People who love to eat are always the best people

There isn’t a better duo than wine and food. The key to pairing a rosé with food? Look for ones with great structure and acidity.


year round rose foodQuinta de Covela Touriga Nacional Rosé, Minho

A true gastronomic rosé, this wine can hold its own through any meal.  The palate is dry with vibrant, yet fine acidity.  The long, lingering finish is marked by a beautiful touch of spice and blueberries – imagine fresh blueberry pie straight from the oven.

Weingut Richard Böcking Rosé

A great wine to accompany any BBQ! This German rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir has flavors of red fruit and spices like vanilla and nutmeg.  The great structure and animating acidity make this rosé incredibly food friendly.

Vini Montauto Staccione Rosato

Don’t let the delicate, salmon pink color fool you – these flavors can pack a punch! The persistent and floral bouquet is balanced with hints of red fruit on the palate; a perfect balance of flavor, freshness, and a fruity finish. Fantastic with fish, white meat, and pasta.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Holidays and sparkling wine – they go together like nothing else. These sparkling rosés will take you from elegant fall dinner straight through to ringing in the new year.


year round rose holidayRonco Calino Brut Rosé Radijan

Franciacorta creates some of the best sparkling wine Italy has to offer, and the Radijan Rosé from Ronco Calino is no exception. Small red and black berries like raspberry, blueberry, sour cherry, bilberry, and currants abound, and the lightly spicy and nutty notes provide an amazing, and unique flavor experience.

Domaine Zinck Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rosé

The red apple notes in the bouquet immediately call up images of an apple orchard in bloom, and hover over the beautifully dry palate.  The body is rounded and rich, with a nice bready background, making this cremant extremely versatile with food.

Sentio Rosa Aurea, Cuvée Rosé Extra Dry

A truly unique sparkling rosé, made from 95% Glera, the grape used in Prosecco, and 5% Raboso for excellent red fruit flavors and color. The Rosa Aurea is intensely aromatic, with fruity and floral notes abounding.  The perfect rosé for any celebration.

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