Domaine de l'Espigouette

We believe, at the Espigouette estate, that to make a great wine, you must have beautiful grapes, that is to say rich, concentrated and balanced grapes.
For this, we respect our land and our environment by practicing a reasoned and ecological method of cultivation where we limit interventions as much as possible by making a lot of observation in the vines and also thanks to our dry and windy climate (Mistral).
We carefully work our vineyard (various plowing, disbudding, leaf stripping, green harvest, etc.…) according to the climatic characteristics of the vintage and the different terroirs.

This multiplicity of terroir makes it possible to bring a lot of complexity to the different wines of the estate, the pebbles give rich, fatty wines while the sandy, clayey soils bring elegance, finesse and depth to the wines of the estate.
The age of the vines is also predominant in the quality and concentration of the grapes and the Espigouette estate has an average age of 45 years for Côtes du Rhône and Plan de Dieu.
All the work in the vines is therefore organized to obtain the best maturity and concentration of the grapes which will be mechanically harvested and carefully sorted before harvesting depending on the year.

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