Quinta de Covela

Quinta de Covela
synonymous with innovation, quality and individuality.
Dating from the 1500s, the ruins of the old, stone Casa de Covela, today composed of the facade of the original Renaissance manor house and the more recent chapel of St. Quiteria, bear witness to the centuries-old agricultural and cultural importance of the estate.
In more recent times, the Covela estate belonged to Manoel de Oliveira, one of the most important European film directors of the second half of the 20th Century and an incredible spirit who worked until his death, with 106 years of age. The director, himself a Renaissance Man, enlarged and transformed Covela, that originally came to him as his wife’s dowry, on several fronts: he built or rebuilt aqueducts for irrigation; massive stone walls; a series of houses and warehouses and ample stone sun-terraces for drying what was once the farm’s main crop – corn.

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