No Halloween is complete without costumes, candy, and above all – wine! Looking for the perfect wine to pair with your Halloween celebration, or as we like to call it, the perfect Hallowine? Check out our list below of four options for you to try. We promise they are frighteningly good!

hallowine ghoul

GHOUL-eyant Malbec

This delicious Malbec from Cahors is the perfect Halloween wine pairing! The jammy, fruity notes in this Malbec like strawberry and raspeberry make it the perfect companion to a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

hallowine die

Clairette de DIE

Is any celebration complete without a sparkler? We think not. With it’s bright orange label and delicate sweetness, the Cremant de Die is a wine to die for. This wine will be excellent with any fruity candy – think skittles, starbursts, etc.

hallowine nespolino

Nespoli-NOOO! Rosso

This red blend is the perfect crowd pleaser for any holiday – fruity and smooth but with a hint of spice and silky tannins. Pair this with your classic Hershey’s bar – you won’t regret it.

hallowine bouscasse

Chateau BOO-scasse

Looking for something a little more fancy for your Halloween celebrations? Look no further than Chateau Bouscasse from winemaker Alain Brumont! Only the finest candy will do for this wine – a 100 Grand bar and Bouscasse are a match made in heaven.

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