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Vina Marty Estate Cabernet Sauvignon




Central Valley


Viña Marty




100% Cabernet Sauvignon


Environmentally Friendly



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Winemaker Notes

Viña Marty Estate wines are at the base of our wine portfolio, being the foundation for our higher quality wines. Young, refreshing, vibrant, and full of energy, these wines represent the best character grape varieties can express in Chilean terroirs. True to type, these wines are sure to please all consumers looking for characteristics they like for each variety.

Tasting Notes

Color : Deep ruby red
Nose : Delicate and intense, expressing black current, dark ripe fruits such as plums and herbaceous notes which are characteristic of a Cabernet.
Palate : Velvety juicy tannins gives this wine a full body and roundness. Its fruity flavors, predominantly fresh ripe plums and berries, give the character to this wine. Good persistence where the fruit flavors linger and melt in your month.
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D.O. : Central Valley : It is the heartland of the Chilean wine industry that holds all of Chile’s major producers, wine regions and vineyards. A wide variety of wine styles can be found in this large area, from many different terroirs. They range from the best known northern Maipo, to the older, more-established vineyards of Maule; from the coastal plains of western Colchagua to the Andean foothills of Puente Alto.


About the 2019 vintage: It will be remembered as warmer than average, with excellent sanitary conditions. It has helped to obtain mature red and white wines, with great potential and complexity. Harvest in our vineyards with white varieties was completed in the first days of April, while the last red variety were harvested in the beginning of May. Yield per hectare of grapes produced during this vintage was lower than than average in all valleys where Viña Marty is. This has reduced size of berries and clusters. This vintage will create more concentrated wines with stronger character.

  • Farming : Sustainable
  • Vine per ha : 3.330 /ha
  • Harvest : By hand
  • Yield : 14 ton/ha


Traditional in stainless steel tanks with an average length of 8-12 days, and temperatures about 24-26°C.