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Viña Marty Pacha Sauvignon Blanc Reserva






Leyda Valley


Viña Marty




100% Sauvignon Blanc




Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable

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Winemaker Notes

Pacha in local language means “Earth” or “World”, a concept closely related to nature and our interaction with it, often referred as the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). Our grapes grow right in front of the Andes mountain range. These exceptional landscapes and strong nature give our wines great vitality and energy. We aim to transfer this character creating a beautiful connection between origins of grapes and the wine in your glass. Pacha wines are created with passion and excellence, with a distinctive character that makes them unique. They are a perfect balance between old French tradition, soil’s typicity and new world styles.

Tasting Notes

Color: Pale yellow with a green hue
Nose: Pronounced intensity of fresh tropical fruits are predominant. A note of a green varietal such as capsicum and citrus fruits can be found as well.
Palate: A fruit driven Sauvignon Blanc, juicy, with passion fruit and grapefruit flavors being predominant in the palate. Just a hint of fresh herbs and green bell peppers complement the flavour profile and its character. It’s soft, dry, with a crispy acidity giving a sensation of freshness. Overall, is medium-bodied thanks to its grassy mouth coating feeling. A great fruit length at the end with a pleasant and refreshing finish.


D.O.: Leyda Valley

Our vineyards are 10km away from the Pacific Ocean. Because of the Humboldt Current, it gives fresh wind from the sea allowing natural acidity to the wine. When comes the summer, fruits ripe slowly because of morning mist and clear sky in the afternoon and temperatures reaching 20-30°. With granite soil and slate in lower part, the region offers white varieties beautiful minerality as well as natural acidity and fruit concentration.


About the vintage: This harvest will be remembered as warmer than average, with excellent sanitary conditions. It has helped to obtain mature red and white wines, with great potential and complexity. Harvest in our vineyards with white varieties was completed in the first days of April, while the last red variety were harvested in the beginning of May. Yield per hectare of grapes produced during this vintage was lower than than average in all valleys where Viña Marty is. This has reduced size of berries and clusters. This vintage will create more concentrated wines with stronger character.

  • Harvest : By hand
  • Farming : Sustainable
  • Vine per hectare : 6.000 /ha
  • Yield : 10 ton/ha


Traditional in stainless steel tanks with an average length of 8-12 days, and temperatures about 12-14°C.