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The first Bordeaux wine merchant to create its own winery back in 1967, Maison Sichel poured every last drop of skill and know-how into Sirius with the aim of making it the company’s flagship brand.

So it was that the Sirius brand (the name is taken from the brightest star in our solar system) was produced from the 1985 vintage thanks to the efforts of Peter A. Sichel who wanted to show that, while it is the terroir which imparts character to wine, quality depends above all on the way the wine is made. Research, innovation and quality assurance methods make it possible to surpass the general quality standards of a region.

This conviction on the part of their father has, over time, turned into a genuine corporate philosophy for the five Sichel brothers who currently run Maison Sichel.

Sirius is THE wine which bears testimony to the experience and know-how of Maison Sichel. It has finesse and sophistication and all the typical characteristics of a Bordeaux. This modern and original wine can either be laid down or drunk straight away.