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Every bottle tells a story.

Each one of our wines tells you the story of a passionate winemaker sharing the history of their land with you. From retail friendly brands with great packaging, to one of a kind wines perfect for a glass pour, we have a story to tell you.

Kindred Vines has unparalleled in-house services, a robust distribution network, and a portfolio with proven success.

Kindred Vines Import Company imports wines from all across Europe and South America from family-owned, multi-generation wineries. We import wines with personality that will fly off your shelves and wine lists.
We have a trustworthy and efficient distribution network made up of partners all across the central United States. We pride ourselves on our in-house compliance, marketing, logistics, and more to ensure the best experience you’ve ever had with a supplier.
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"The wines from Kindred Vines are honest and soulful, made by people who live and breathe the land of which they are from. Always showing terrific value, it's a pleasure to work with such a diverse array of producers."
Woodberry Wine
Advanced Sommelier (5)
“As our relationship has grown bigger and better over the years, their customer service has always been extremely high. Simply superior customer relations and service!”
Dreadnought Wines & Palate Partners
"This is a great team who values long term and quality relationships, but at the same time, a company with a vision for steady expansion which continually covers new markets with eager, adept professionals."
"Not only does Kindred Vines have a broad and diverse portfolio, but their items are priced very competitively and when it comes to communication and support they are top notch."
Jordan Cope
Ambrosia Selections