Kindred Vines Import Company has had a very rewarding year.  I am thrilled with the changes we have made in 2022 and the relationships that have built and strengthened over this past year.

One of our biggest accomplishments was moving our warehouse from Michigan to Connecticut.  Having a warehouse on the east coast allows us to better serve our distributors with a more direct trucking lane as well as more efficient inbounding from the shipping ports.   The move has not been without its challenges as we learned to navigate a new system, communicate with new partners and completely change how we ship our wine.  The biggest adjustment has been learning how to manage inventory that we cannot physically see or touch.   Even with the challenges, however, there is no question that the move has exposed opportunities for us that we couldn’t see before and has helped us to focus on improving our entire business.

One of the biggest strategic by-products of this move was the re-thinking of our entire portfolio.  With the effects of COVID still lingering, where after our restaurant clients were forced to close, we were left with over 1200 of cases of still unsold wine that needed a plan!  We decided not to send these cases to the new east coast warehouse but spent the year depleting them in Michigan.  An overall huge, necessary effort that has left us more agile and unburdened as we head into 2023.  We also chose to eliminate almost 200 sku’s from the portfolio, making sure that we are focusing on our suppliers most important wines that truly reflect the soul of the winery. 

We added new distribution this year in Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Kentucky and a second distribution partner in Minnesota.  Sales grew this year, we were profitable, and we increased our credit lines with the bank that provides us a higher ceiling to grow.  With our improved focus and commitment to buying smarter and being more purposeful on where the wine will be sold, we became a more reliable financial partner with our suppliers, which is something that is very important to us.

The company has changed so much since I took over 8 years ago.   2022 especially, has been such a pivotal year that we felt it was time to re-visit our Mission Statement and Values.  We spent several weeks thinking about and discussing what kind of importer we want to be and how to best reflect that.   I am excited to share them with you now as we bring this year to a close.

Our Mission at Kindred Vines Import Company is to create passion for the wineries we represent and the community of people it takes to craft the wine.

Everything that we work for every day is to get the nations retailers, restaurants, consumers and industry influencers excited about the suppliers that we represent, to feel a connection with the brand, and to choose it over the other options that they have.  It is a job that we love. 

These are the Kindred Vines values.  These are what we live up to every day and it is our promise to everyone that we associate with:

  • We strive for excellence by being perceptive, responsive, solution oriented and honoring our commitments
  • Our reputation is built upon our professional team, our engaged partners, and the high standards of our service
  • We are constantly learning and evolving so that we can add the most value to our suppliers, distribution partners, company, and community
  • Respect and integrity are at the core of every interaction we engage in so that we build balanced and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Our growth and progress are driven by practical optimism and by focusing on a positive future
  • We are responsible for our personal performance and our role in the achievement of our company goals

In 2023, we will be participating in VinItaly, Wine Paris, and Prowein and we look forward to seeing many of our distribution partners and suppliers there.  We are going to continue to grow our existing supplier’s brands in the US market, both in depth and in breadth where we are able to grow them.  We look forward to welcoming many of our valued suppliers back to the US market and to introducing you to so many of your new customers.  We are going to deliver on the promise of what our Company is truly capable of doing.

Thank you to all of our suppliers, partners and stakeholders that allow Kindred Vines Import Company to Connect the World Through Wine.  We are proud to build a community that inspires us to work hard every day.


Dan Glisky
CEO & Managing Partner
Kindresd Vines Import Company