Castel Sallegg

Castel Sallegg is a family-run firm of winegrowers in Caldaro, Alto Adige. Making our own wines mean that we are fully dedicated to Alto Adige’s winegrowing culture and we feel it is our task to bring Alto Adigeean wines to a wider audience of wine-lovers in both Italy and the world.

You can only maintain an activity over the long term if you really love it, constantly working at it and continuously improving. Tending the vines throughout the year, harvesting the grapes by hand and working conscientiously in the cellar… this does not tire us but rather spurs us on.

An awareness of history, tradition and responsibility is deeply rooted in the family of the Counts von Kuenburg. The von Kuenburg family have been the guarantors of the quality of the wines produced at Castel Sallegg for over a century.

Everything can change within just a few metres … we seek the right soils and suitable microclimate for each grape variety so that it can best develop. Our task is to harmonise the three basic factors of soil, climate and working in the vineyards while ensuring due respect for nature.

After an external Audit Castel Sallegg has taken the path to sustainability. This transition will contribute to improving environmental health, social and economic equity.

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