Champagne Joseph Perrier

Founded in 1825, our historic, family-owned and unique Maison in Châlons-en-Champagne, stands out for its know-how handed down over six generations. Our Champagne has always known how to accompany History, as evidenced by the “Royal” distinction awarded by Queen Victoria and King Edward VII to our cuvées.

Our 21 hectares are ideally located on the south facing slopes above the Marne; we harvest only the best through meticulous selection and picking by hand to preserve the delicacy and quality of the grapes.

Our cellars are the pride and joy as well as our place of work. The galleries are of Gallo-Roman origin and extend of three kilometers in length. The chalk is pierced with skylights, ensuring optimal natural ventilation. Bottles lie aging on laths and in pupitres in the galleries which are located next to the winery and the production lines.

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