Quinta das Tecedeiras

Quinta das Tecedeiras is located at the heart of the prime stretch of the Douro’s wine-producing region, some eight kilometres upstream from the town of Pinhão. This property with its privileged views over the river Douro is home to a rich history – mainly of wine-making and olive oil production, but also of the nuns who once lived here, and their flax spinning and weaving that eventually gave the property its name. Tecedeiras means “weavers”.

Walking through the property, i tis easy to perceive the harmonious mix of old vines – some of them more than 80 years old – and newer plantations, and the vines blend effortlessly into ancient olive groves which date from the years when phylloxera obliged the Douro to find alternative crops to the vine, devastated by that disease in the 19th Century.

It is from this treasured legacy that are born the DOC Douro and Port wines that make the Tecedeiras synonymous with quality wines in all the markets in which the brand is present.