Since 1670 our ancestors, followed by our great grandparents and grandparents, have extended the FERAUD & fils Estate to 22 hectares. Elvire, married to Léon Féraud was a winegrower and mother of four children.

Paul, the youngest, worked the family vineyard since he was 14 years old. In 1964 he decided to produce his own wine and marketed 2,000 bottles a year.

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Laurence, the daughter of Paul & Odette returned to settle in Châteauneuf du Pape in 1987, having completed her wine studies and wine and spirits business school. She proposed to her parents to create an independent family estate of 5ha and registered the name Pegau.

The pegau is a wine jug used in the 14th century during the papal period.

In 1987 the Domaine du Pegau was created. It was only in 1992, following wine presentations at various competitions and reviews, that Châteauneuf-du-Pape Domaine du Pegau red was ranked in the top three wines. During this year, Laurence acquired various export markets and was able to sell 100% of the harvest of the 1990 vintage.

Step by step, the investments in vineyards were rewarded, and since then Domaine du Pegau has continued to expand its operations and distribution networks around the world.

In January 2012 the Domaine du Pegau bought a property of 41ha of vines located 6km south of Chateuneuf du Pape.

This new acquisition is called Château Pegau.
A former boatmen’s relay, the 1,200 square metre country house stands in the heart of the vineyard and on the banks of the Rhône. One part is dedicated to the winery, the other part will soon be renovated to accommodate our customers.

25ha of Côtes du Rhône Villages, 5ha of Côtes du Rhône and 11ha of Table Wine.

Discover the history of Château Pegau
Today the Domaine & Château Pegau represents:

5ha Côtes du Rhône Villages Red
20ha Côtes du Rhône Red
5ha Côtes du Rhône White
19ha French Wine
21ha Châteauneuf du Pape Red
2ha Châteauneuf-du-Pape White

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