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Sergent du Roy Sancerre Blanc




Sergent du Roy

Dominant Varietal

Sauvignon Blanc



Grape variety

100% Sauvignon Blanc


Kimmeridgian marls

Average age of the vines

30 years

Alcohol content


Residual sugar level

< 1 gram/ liter

Ideal serving temp


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Born into a family of winegrowers that had already established its honorable reputation as early as the 19th century, Jean Millérioux successfully expanded and ran his small winegrowing estate during the early 20th century. Sergent du Roy was his favorite vine plot, hence the name of this great wine. His land, located in the hamlet of Champtin, benefits from exceptional marly terroirs locally known as “Terres Blanches” (white earth). The approximately 145 million-year-old soils (from the Kimmeridgian Age of the Jurassic Period) are composed of thick layers of marls (70% clay) alternating with layers of white limestone (30%). These “Terres Blanches” soils are found on the steepest slopes of the vineyards to the west of the village of Sancerre. They are renowned for producing splendid, well-structured white wines boasting gorgeously complex aromas and flavors that are so greatly appreciated by wine connoisseurs. Without a doubt, this is a terroir where the Sauvignon Blanc grape flourishes!
The “Au fil du temps” cuvée perpetuates family traditions while paying a warm tribute to this passionate winegrower.


Lovely pale yellow in color with dazzling highlights; limpid and brilliant in aspect. This terroir wine features an expressive nose with subtle floral notes that complement its citrus nuances. A touch of minerality embellishes this delectable ensemble, lending the wine remarkable freshness. The palate is full-bodied and deliciously appealing with its fruity notes and flavors of white-fleshed fruit. The beautifully structured finish offers complex, powerful, lingering aromas and flavors.


The healthiest grapes are selected for harvest at their peak of ripeness and are transported quickly to the pneumatic press. The grapes are then pressed using very gentle pressure to ensure optimal extraction of the juice while preventing the grapes from oxidizing. Then the must undergoes cold settling for between 12 and 24 hours. This step eliminates the coarser particles so as to retain only the fine lees. Alcoholic fermentation lasts 15 days on average and is carried out in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at 16°C in order to bring out all that the grapes have to offer and express the unique typicity of this terroir.