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Dan Glisky

Managing Partner, CEO​

Dan Glisky is the Managing Partner and CEO of Kindred Vines Import Co, and is proud to lead the Company’s strategic planning initiatives, and to oversee its implementation in the Company. Dan is also the CEO and Managing partner for Woodberry Wine, LLC, a Michigan distributor of fine wines from around the world.

Prior to acquiring Kindred Vines Import Co, Dan was involved in several entrepreneurial startup technology Companies, including TerraYebo and My Inch of the Earth, Digital 10 Media, and Compsat Technology. Dan is a contributing thought leader on business and entrepreneurship topics at Startup Nation and co-hosts a radio show that helps individuals take action to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Dan is a sought after mentor and coach, and his life mission is to be a catalyst to the world and inspiring to everyone he meets.