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Jim Kenley

Business Development Manager

Jim joined the company in 1997 to develop new markets for the exclusive portfolio of J & R Selections, traditional wines from small family owned, multi-generational French wineries.  Fluent in French, Jim studied for two years at Dijon University during which time he worked at wineries in France and Switzerland.  He worked for 4 years for Manufacturers Hanover based in New York City as an international banker responsible for Benelux multi-national corporations. He left New York to work for eleven years as an Owner/Operator of family owned supermarkets in Indiana. Under the banner of Kindred Vines, and its expanded portfolio of wines from France, South Africa and Italy, Jim markets our high quality wines in select states as we expand our national import operations.

Over the years, she continued to cultivate her knowledge and love of wine, food, & travel.  Emily loves to cook, especially if it involves wine pairings, and doing any activity outdoors.  She is Kindred Vine’s Marketing Manager.