Honest & Soulful Wines

“The wines from Kindred Vines Import Company are honest and soulful, made by people who live and breathe the land of which they are from. Always showing terrific value, it’s an absolute pleasure to work with such a diverse array of brands.

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Simply Superior Customer Service

“We’ve been working with Kindred Vines Import Co. for longer than they have been in existence! From their roots with J&J Importers and J et R Selections to the transition to Dan’s leadership, the whole Kindred Vines gang was seamless. As our relationship has grown bigger and better over the years, the customer service has maintained extremely high. Who else could I ask for a sample of Picolit for a class I was teaching AND actually have it land in time for the class?

Their attention to what we are focusing on is amazing. I hear there is a wine made with Sake yeast coming our way soon – they knew who to pitch this to! It’s my jam because I am a Sake Sommelier! Simply superior customer relations and service.”

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A Company with Vision

“Kindred Vines is my longest standing importer in the United States. I am grateful for the staff’s knowledge and experience which has trained and informed my business comportment and ability to sell over the last 17 years.

The low turnover rate of staff members is a sign of a great team who values long term and quality relationships. At the same time, I see a company with a vision for steady expansion which continually covers new markets with eager, adept professionals.

I am so proud of the relationships forged over the years with the Kindred team, not just professionally, but on a lasting, personal level.”

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